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Protein Myths Busted. How Much is Too Much? (Especially for my beloved Trainers)

You’ve heard that too much protein can be bad for your health, but is it true? Get the real answers, based on research.

As a trainer, you’ve probably heard it all when it comes to protein:

Too much protein will destroy your kidneys.

A lot of protein makes your bones weaker.

Only professional bodybuilders need that much protein.

There are myths galore about protein, from how too much is damaging to your body to the idea that protein isn’t that important unless you’re a serious lifter.

The truth about protein is that it is misunderstood.

Protein is an essential nutrient that plays a huge role in helping to keep you healthy and is essential to building muscle mass. And those statements about bone strength and kidney function? Totally untrue, in fact the opposite is true.

Protein actually plays a role in preventing osteoporosis and strengthening bones. And there is no evidence that a healthy person will get kidney damage from a typical high-protein diet.

You probably already know some of this, but you need to be able to convince your clients and people who ask you for fitness and nutrition advice. Tell them why getting enough protein is so important: