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DRS Fitness Laws Everyone Should Know And Follow

In an age of technology and virtual training, it’s so easy to forget what made us fit in the first place: healthy food, quality movement, dedication and high intensity discipline. Follow these DRS Fitness Laws to achieve optimal performance throughout your health and fitness routine.

DRS Fitness Laws

Here are DRS Fitness Laws you need to learn, apply and repeat if you really want a badass body:

1. Eating right is 80% of the battle.

With today’s incredible online resources it’s easy to get distracted by all those health and fitness products and fancy weight loss diets out there. But no matter what your fitness goal is, you can’t go wrong with a well balanced diet of fresh food, cooked from scratch. And the fun part is you can eat plenty of it!

2. Start long-term and work back.

Set your main goal for the long term, then cut it down into smaller goals, easy to reach. For example, if you plan to run 5k in 3 months, start by setting a goal for this month, or this week.

3. It is impossible to get ripped “accidentally”.

The super fit and super lean women/men you see on Instagram work their ass off to look that way. It’s not genetics, but dedication responsible for that insane body!

4. You need to make SMART goals.

Here’s what SMART stands for (just to easily remember what a smart goal should look like): Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. Got the idea?

5. It’s worth investing in the right kit.

Once you’ve found a good workout, invest in the right fitness equipment. And this is not just an excuse to shop, it’s “an investment” because the right clothes will wick sweat away, stop chafing and make you feel fly. Most of them are totally wearable outside of the gym too.

6. Time is money, spend it wisely.

Instead of running one hour on the treadmill to burn 600 calories, why not lifting weights for 30 minutes to burn the same amount of calories?! You know, dynamic moves with free weights are the most efficient calorie-burning exercises.