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DRXFIT, initiated by Dr.Suresh, aims to address the common barriers that prevent people from engaging in regular fitness activities. The approach seems to be centered around providing personalized fitness training and nutrition guidance through various channels such as in-house sessions, online programs, and at "THE PT HUB."

Key Features of DRXFIT:

  1. Personalized Training:

    • Offers customized fitness programs tailored to individual needs and preferences.

  2. Convenience:

    • Provides flexibility by allowing workouts at the convenience of the individuals' chosen locations, whether at home or at "THE PT HUB."

  3. Time Efficiency:

    • Emphasizes short-duration workouts, ranging from 15 to 51 minutes, making it more accessible for individuals with busy schedules.

  4. Motivation:

    • Incorporates motivational support to encourage individuals to stay consistent with their fitness routines.

  5. Nutritional Guidance:

    • Includes nutritional guidance to complement the fitness programs, addressing various medical conditions such as PCOD, Thyroid, Cholesterol, joint issues, and more.

  6. Medical Conditions:

    • Specialized solutions for individuals with specific medical conditions like PCOD, Thyroid, Cholesterol, knee joint problems, spondylitis, slip disc, and other concerns.

  7. Affordability:

    • Offers budget-friendly options, making fitness training more accessible to a wider audience.

  8. Overcoming Barriers:

    • Aims to eliminate common barriers to exercise, such as shyness, laziness, lack of proper guidance, high costs, and confusion about online workout programs.

  9. Holistic Approach:

    • Focuses on overall health and well-being, aiming to prevent health issues and reduce the need for hospital admissions.

By addressing these aspects, DRXFIT seeks to make fitness more inclusive, personalized, and achievable for individuals in India, ultimately promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle. This approach may resonate well with people who have been deterred from regular exercise due to various reasons.

What people can expect:

  • Dedicated Personalized Programs designed according to their time, place and equipment

  • Nutritional guidance considering basic available food

  • Up to 5-minute online (Skype) consultation

  • Motivational forum

  • 24-hour online (chat) support

What DRXFIT expect from Customers:

  • Dedication

  • Commitment

  • Accountability

  • Patience

  • Trust

  • Consistency

Dr Suresh’s advice to customers is:

Don’t look for motivations, don’t look for discounts or sales, no more hero’s, no more excuses, be your own hero, be a motivator, all it matters is being fit and healthy.

There are so many fancy distractors out there but the reality is simple. At DRXFIT, we believe in workout smart not hard.





Dr. Suresh's multifaceted background as a Doctor, Exercise Specialist, and Founder of DRXFIT reflects a comprehensive understanding of the fitness industry. His personal journey of transforming his physique after overcoming injuries adds a unique and relatable dimension to his expertise. The fact that he has been a Doctor, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, and a natural bodybuilder signifies a well-rounded approach to health and fitness.

Key Highlights:

  1. Personal Transformation:

    • Dr. Suresh's personal journey of transforming his physique after overcoming injuries adds credibility and a personal touch to his expertise.

  2. Innovative Programs:

    • The development of "DRS (Dynamic Reconditioning System) TRAINING" showcases Dr. Suresh's commitment to innovation in fitness programs.

  3. Dominance Exercises and Training Strategies:

    • The invention of dominance exercises and training strategies indicates a hands-on approach to designing effective and unique workout routines.

  4. Versatile Expertise:

    • Being a Doctor, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, and natural bodybuilder reflects a versatile understanding of how the body functions and responds to different stimuli.

  5. Global Impact:

    • The statement that Dr. Suresh has trained and helped more than a lakh (100,000) people globally underscores the widespread impact of his expertise.

  6. Holistic Approach:

    • Combining medical knowledge, personal training experience, nutritional expertise, and bodybuilding insights suggests a holistic approach to fitness and well-being.

Dr. Suresh's unique combination of skills and experiences positions him as not only a fitness expert but also someone who has a deep understanding of the physiological and nutritional aspects of health. His ability to design innovative programs and contribute to the development of training strategies reflects a commitment to helping individuals achieve their fitness goals. The global reach of his impact further highlights the effectiveness of his methods in the fitness industry.


Wake up and Workout.


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