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Balanced mind in a balanced body





DRXFIT started by Dr.Suresh to target home-based fitness, where it can provide in-house facility (1-ON-1) based on their budget along with personalized training & nutrition.

The company also brought DRS WEWE (Wherever Whenever). Current survey shows 85% people are not working out be it at home or Gym or fitness centers due to various reasons or excuses. It might be a shy factor or being lazy or due to not getting proper fitness guide, heavy prices or confusion by too many on line workouts which is not specific to their body needs. Now no excuses for them. First time in India introducing “DRS WEWE”, where people get personalized programs and they can workout at their convenience places spending as low as 15minutes-51minutes only. People don’t have to spend hours and they can lose fat while enjoying other important things in their life. They can also get motivation and nutritional guides accordingly, along with whatever their medical conditions be it PCOD, Thyroid, Cholesterol, vitamins, knee joint, spondylitis, slip disc, Spain, etc. DRXFIT has solutions for that. So, to be healthy and enjoying life ahead without hospital admissions. And finally THE PT HUB which is introduced in 2022 to help Trainers and customers as well will be the game changer. For more details about THE PT HUB don't forget to follow us on social media. 

What people can expect:

  • Dedicated Personalized Programs designed according to their time, place and equipment

  • Nutritional guidance considering basic available food

  • Up to 5-minute online (Skype) consultation

  • Motivational forum

  • 24-hour online (chat) support

What DRXFIT expect from Customers:

  • Dedication

  • Commitment

  • Accountability

  • Patience

  • Trust

  • Consistency

Dr Suresh’s advice to customers is:

Don’t look for motivations, don’t look for discounts or sales, no more hero’s, no more excuses, be your own hero, be a motivator, all it matters is being fit and healthy.

There are so many fancy distractors out there but the reality is simple. At DRXFIT, we believe in workout smart not hard.




Many in the industry know Dr.Suresh as a Doctor, Exercise Specialist and Founder of DRXFIT. What is more important is to know that, Dr.Suresh being his own subject transformed his physique after overcoming different injuries. He started designing different fitness programs and invented many dominance exercises and training strategies  and named them as “DRS (Dynamic Reconditioning System) TRAINING”. He has been a Doctor, Personal trainer, Nutrition Specialist, and a natural bodybuilder. So he definitely knows a lot about how body functions, how to stimulate muscle and lose fat. Dr.Suresh trained and helped more than lakh people globally to achieve their goals.

Wake up and Workout.


Getting Here:

you can reach us online anytime

Our Address:

126/b,Koramangala,Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA. PC-560034


+91 9620162007

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