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Workout Secrets Your Personal Trainer Won’t Tell You

Hiring a personal trainer seems to be the best way to tone your body and get in shape. Personal trainers are motivating, they encourage you to work hard. They keep a check on your exercising habits. They suggest you a workout schedule that will suit you. Although your personal trainer might charge you a high figure for all the personal attention, you might feel it is worth the money.

You might also face situations, where you feel that your workout is not optimum. Even though you give your 100 percent, you do not see your body reacting the way it should. It might be due to some workout secrets your personal trainer won’t tell you. So, here are some important tips you can keep in mind to improve your fitness regime and get in shape.

Workout Secrets Your Personal Trainer Won’t Tell You

1. No Yoga and Pilates for Weight Loss: Yoga and Pilates are good to build core strength, but they are not useful, if you want to shed those extra pounds. If you want to lose weight and burn your fat, then opt for Strength training , aerobic exercises like running, swimming, etc.

2. No Workout on Empty Stomach: It is very important to eat something before you start working out. You can have a small portion of food containing carbohydrates before you hit the gym. This will fuel your workout and energize your body. If you exercise on an empty stomach, your body will not be able to sustain your workout and you will be exhausted in no time.

3. Right Gear: Choosing the right gear for your workout session is very important. Do not wear worn out shoes and random pair of shorts from your wardrobe. Buy a good pair of sport shoes. This will help you in avoiding injuries to your knees and joints, and also keep your feet comfortable during your aerobic sessions. Wear clothes that are efficient in absorbing the sweat from your body.

4. Ignore Texts and Calls: When you are working out, try to concentrate just on your session. Your phone will just break your focus and make you lose your concentration. So, it’s better to keep your phone in your bag.

5. Post Workout Diet: You should have intake of protein after your exercises. Your muscles breakdown during workouts. In order to build your muscles and help them grow, it is essential to provide them with protein after your exercise sessions.

6. Intervals Help: The breaks that you take between your workout session will help you get better results. The breaks taken at regular intervals restore the energy of the body. If your breaks are too long, then it will spoil your momentum.

7. Be Disciplined: You should see that your sessions are regular. Do not be late for your exercises as this wastes your time as well your trainer’s time. Do not be lazy. You have paid for your sessions and so make every minute count.

8. When Not to Attend Sessions: If you are not well and if you have not got enough sleep, then you should stay at home. You do not want to spread the germs, so stay home till you recover from your illness. If you lack sleep, then your body will be exhausted quickly. So, it is best to get adequate sleep to rest your muscles, as you obviously do not want to risk an injury!

9. Verify When in Doubt: If you feel that your body is not showing any results, verify your workout schedule with an expert to see what is not working for you. Maybe, it’s time for you to change your trainer.

10. Moderate Smoking and Drinking: If you want optimum results for your workout, you should regulate your smoking and alcohol consumption. If you wish to detoxify, such a moderation will be very helpful.

The key to a great body is regular exercise accompanied with a healthy diet. Burning your fat and losing that flab may seem an uphill task, but achieving a well toned body may not seem difficult, if you are disciplined and focused. And before I sign off, let me add one more to the above workout secrets – have fun while you exercise and bring variations to your workout regime, which sure enough will make your workout enjoyable.

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