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ZMA is a blend of the minerals Zinc, Magnesium along with Vitamin B6. ZMA is an important supplement for people in training as increased levels of physical activity can result in levels of these particular vitamins and minerals decreasing. ZMA therefore helps boost protein synthesis and the production of hormones which in turns aids muscle building. Below are five reasons why you should be taking ZMA.

ZMA Helps Increase Your Gains

Maybe fairly obvious but the Vitamins and Minerals found in ZMA act as a powerful aid in your quest to build muscle mass. No matter what form of physical exercise you are engaging in, ZMA is a powerful aid. ZMA helps boost hormone levels and in turn boosts performance. ZMA also works powerfully in conjunction with compound movements which have also been shown to help boost testosterone levels. ZMA Can Help Boost Sleep Users of ZMA have reported better night’s sleep, and feeling more rested after waking, when taking ZMA before bed. ZMA can also prove more effective when taking before bed as this is the period during which hormone production is at its highest and muscles recuperate and repair. Therefore taking ZMA before bed allows your body to receive all the essential nutrients necessary for helping to build muscle when they are most needed. ZMA is Beneficial for Women As women also have t-hormones the benefits of ZMA can be enjoyed across the gender lines. ZMA is a particularly powerful supplement for female bodybuilders and performance athletes. ZMA Boosts Sex Drive and Mood As ZMA can help boost t-levels, it can in turn help to boost your sex drive. Low t-levels have also been linked to a lack of energy and lethargy therefore potentially making ZMA a powerful mood booster. Users of ZMA often boast increased moods and energy levels as well as increased sex drive. ZMA Is Completely Natural All of the ingredients found in ZMA are naturally occurring. ZMA is simply just a way of boosting your bodies intake of these nutrients essential to muscle building.

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