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Post C-Section Workout To Tighten Your Tummy

Giving birth is the most difficult and stressful period of a woman’s life. But once the baby is born and you hold him or her in your arms, you forget about everything.

However, post pregnancy, your weight gain is something that gives you a lot of trouble. This problem is more acute for women who undergo a C-section which badly affects their self-esteem.

Post C-section Workout To Get Back In Shape

Most women, in today’s age, avoid carrying that slight weight post C-section throughout their lives. However, now there is a solution for it. Your stomach can go back to that flat shape if you follow some powerful post C-section workout.

Here you will come to know about some workouts that will surely help you lose weight post C-section. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Bridge

This is a safe exercise that does not put any excess pressure on the C-section, yet helps to lose unnecessary fat from the stomach.

You should start it by lying on your back and place your feet flat on the floor. Straighten your arms by placing your palms on the floor. Do not raise your shoulders from the ground. Hold this position for at least ten seconds then slowly lower the body to the ground. Repeat this step five to eight times regularly.

2. Walking