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Lose Weight Without Going On A Diet

Lose weight without going on a diet. Yes, it can be done if you follow these 10 tips:

1. Your plate can be a problem. Use a smaller plate than your regular if you want to lose weight. It has been proven that if you eat a fixed portion of food from a large plate, you feel like your portion is a small one and eat more. If you eat the same portion from a smaller plate, the meal seems too much and consistent and you’ll eat less.

2. If you use a small fork you eat more. Researchers believe that if you eat with a smaller fork you will feel like you are making slower progress in satisfying your hunger, so you’ll eat more.

3. If you are a woman eat with men and you’ll eat less. Women want to look sexy and delicate, and a huge hunk of meat on the plate clearly doesn’t show that.

4. Try always to read the label and do so to get used to the healthy dietary choices. It can be in a supermarket two foods that look the same but the fat content is different. If you read the food’s label you’ll eat healthier.

5. As I said in another post, drink two glasses of water before every meal. The water fill the stomach and you’ll eat less.

6. Avoid light at night, turn off your TV and PC or Mac if you want to stay fit. A study showed that people who are staying into the light at night have gained more than those in darkness.

7. Don’t keep supplies of snacks in your home. If you have around chips, chocolate, waffles or any other snacks, you’ll be a thousand times more tempted to eat than if you had to go to the neighborhood store to buy those snacks.

8. A study showed that a bowl with salad placed prominently in a school cafeteria increases vegetable consumption by 250-300% per year. So place around a few bowls with fruits and veggies.

9. When you eat with your friends you eat more than if you eat alone or with a stranger.

10. When you see a fitness ad your mind goes like this: “I can eat anything now because tomorrow I’m going to the gym.” Avoid fitness ads if you want to lose weight without going on a diet.

There are many types of diet, from the healthy to the custom diet. Some are exaggerated and can do you much harm. But if you want to lose weight and just can’t follow a diet, these simple tricks will help. They are based on research and are recommended by specialists.

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