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I just don’t know where to start!

“There is no time to cook, there is no time to go to the gym, I am too old, I am too fat, I am too embarrassed, I just don’t know where to start!”

How many of these can you identify with? One, two, more? The reality is that an overwhelming percentage of modern society (over 70%) struggle with their health on some level, whether it be obesity, diabetes, arthritis, or any number of health disorders that can be controlled, improved or eliminated by a change in lifestyle. Yet despite the fact we have access to so much more knowledge on how to manage our health properly, it doesn’t seem to make the impact researchers and doctors were looking for. So what is the missing piece?

Well, there is no missing piece in truth, it is more on how do you assemble the pieces to make it work. For example, is eating healthy without exercise enough to change your health for the better? It will make an impact but not to the extent we need. And we know that if people don’t see positive change in the short term they will likely stop their new eating patterns and return to old habits. What about starting an exercise program? Similarly, if we don’t manage our diet at the same time our exercise program will quickly stop yielding results, and we will likely quit. And another consideration is that if you start the “wrong” exercise program, meaning the intensity is too high or you have limitations that needed to be considered, you may be injured or demoralized and will again, likely quit. What about our self-image? Research has shown that a poor self-image is often one of the key factors in why most do not stick with their new lifestyle plan.

So looking at all these potential factors, is it any wonder that so few ever cross the finish line? What if I told you there was a way to address all of these considerations, a way to synchronize them so that your exercise program, your diet and your mindset were all addressed in one program?

In 2009 we launched our second virtual based fitness program(DRS) and now we are training thousands of men and women in different countries, but I wanted to do something different, something more intimate. Most of our programs run 90 days in length, but I wanted to offer something to a smaller audience, for those of you who wanted a bit more support to get you going.

So what we came up with is the “DRXFIT” 4-6-week Fitness Reset.

The program includes the following:

1) Video based exercise tutorials &1-ON-1

2) Fully illustrated exercise diagrams and program design

3) Fully detailed menu including recipes (diabetic friendly)

4) Nutritional supplements to support your healthy eating plan (vegan options available)

5) Mindset training with the I AM Project

6) 7 day a week support during your fitness journey via our private Wix app,

FB page and Zoom& Skype calls for accountability and check in.

Who is this program good for??

This program is for those who are healthy enough to exercise but are frustrated by their lack of results but know if they had the right guidance and support this would be the chance they needed to finally get it right.

How much?

For many of my private clients I would charge in excess of $330.00 (25000INR) per 4 week DRXFIT program for my time, including Nutrition and supplement support .

This program is to 6 people only per month and the program begins first week of every month for accountability.

For more information please send your query via private message.


Whats up: +91 9620162007


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