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How to lose fat and keep muscle

This is how to lose fat and keep muscle! Everybody is looking for muscle gains and wants to lose fat as fast as possible. It’s not easy, but it can be done!

At a basic level losing fat means burning more calories than we consume and most people think that dieting is the most important thing for achieving this objective. The truth is that restrictive dieting can also lead to muscle loss. You don’t always have to rely on a strict deficit to get the best results. It’s essential for you to know that the more muscle mass you have, the more calories your body needs. You have to eat quality calories to keep your muscle. You wanna know how to lose fat and keep muscle? Here are some rules for you to follow!

1. Eat good carbs. Carbs are “muscle-friendly” and you need them to fuel your heavy weight training and aerobic exercise. Carbs refill muscle glycogen and help you stay in a good mood. It’s very important for you not to feel deprived of foods containing carbohydrates. Make sure you also eat enough protein and good fats and have a well balanced diet.

2. Weight training is important. In fact, weight training is essential if you want to keep muscle and burn fat, so don’t hide away from the weights in your gym. If you are a beginner you’ll need to start easily and take advice from a DRS personal trainer.

3. Add at least 30 minutes of low-level cardio on your off-days. This will help you preserve muscle mass, will allow you to recover from your hard trainning sessions and will improve your metabolism.

4. Sleep enough. Sleep totally improves the quality of your life: it lowers stress responses, helps regulate the body composition and can help you burn more fat!

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