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How sex changes after a massive weight loss

Losing weight has many benefits for your body and also for your mind. In fact, even your sex life changes after you lose the extra pounds on your hips. Let’s see how it works!

Having a clean diet and training daily is very important for your physical and mental health. You feel and look better, you are not so exposed to many diseases, hormone imbalances or inflammations and your body listens to you and does exactly what’s supposed to do. If you take care of yourself you feel powerful and people around can sense the difference. This is what happens in your intimate moments too!

When you get to your normal weight, you simply raise your good hormones level and this leads to a happy sex life. First of all, when you look better you feel better, and when you feel better you lower your stress levels. Many couples know that the main reason for not having an active and happy sex life is the stress. We all live in a stressful environment and this affects us in many ways, so we gotta be willing to do the best we can, to beat this factor. No stress means healthy libidos and more fun!

When you reach your goals and and get to the point where you feel better with yourself, you improve your confidence and there are no longer depression-inducing hormones in your brain. Now you’ll be more playful with your partner and this will totally improve your experience.

Losing weight can improve your flexibility and you won’t be limited when it comes to try new positions. In this way you keep your sex life on track, you have fun and you are able to experience new things every time. Don’t forget! It is very important that you both try something new once in a while, if you want to keep the flame burning.

So do your best and stay in shape if you want to live a happy life, be more confident and experience great sensations with your partner!


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