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Estrogen Rich Foods That Cause Testosterone Issues

In this article I’m going to talk about high estrogen foods you must avoid and also estrogen rich foods that can destroy your health and really cause major hormonal issues. There are a lot of things that people are eating today that are disrupting their hormones, causing estrogen to be high, causing progesterone to be low.

Some of the side effects of consuming too many estrogen rich foods are, for men, having more feminine characteristics, and for women, increased issues like hypothyroidism, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, and even ovarian cancer.

Estrogen Rich Foods To Avoid

I’m going to talk about the five estrogen rich foods and products you absolutely want to avoid, and then talk about a food here at the very end that you’ll want to add into your diet to help your body detox the excess estrogen.

The reason why these estrogen rich foods are an issue is because they’re called xenoestrogens. They increase estrogen in your body, or they act like estrogen, which again increases your risk of breast cancer and cervical cancer in women. And for men, major testosterone issues, impotence and other health issues.

1. Soy

So the first food that you want to avoid that contains way too much estrogen, or what are called xenoestrogens, is soy. Most of the soy products today, whether it is soy milk, soy protein powder, or just regular soy beans, are genetically modified. So consuming soy, which is a very high estrogen based food is something you want to avoid.

Now, soy started being consumed in large amounts years ago because it was so popular in Japan, but they consumed a different type of soy. It wasn’t the genetically modified soy that we consume today. It was a type of soy called natto, which is fermented soy beans. So it was loaded with probiotics, vitamin K2 and it didn’t have the same estrogen effects.

So again, soy: number one estrogen-rich food you’ve got to stay away from.

2. Sugar

Too many sugars and carbohydrates can increase estrogen in your body and lower progesterone. So eliminate the processed sugar. Get rid of grains in large amounts. If you’re consuming large grains, switch over to eating more fruits and vegetables.

Or if you want to eat grains, sprouted grains are a better option. But really balancing out those ratios, lowering your carb intake. Increasing your intake of healthy fats will also help naturally balance out and decrease excess